Top 5 Hip-Hop Rising Stars To Follow In 2021

As 2021 has already entered our lives, we decided to throw the last look at 2020 and remember the 5 best hip-hop releases by rising stars, hoping to hear more from them this year.

5.Babyface Ray

Known as the voice of Detroit, state native Babyface Ray, with his hard-nosed storytelling rap, is sure that the beat should work with him and not the other way around, and it somehow works. He raps as if telling a story to a friend making the audience feel connected to his tracks. He creates an illusion as if he is not putting in any effort. Yet his music sounds radio-ready. The best example that will showcase the artist's talent is "Start This is Over," where Ray nonchalantly brags about not calling a girl who gave him her number in a conversational flow, speeding up and slowing down the tempo. 

4.Master Peace

This artist is probably one of the boldest creators experimenting with sounds that seem impossible to play with. His unique, aggressive freestyle over cheesy '80s European synth-pop is extraordinary and impressive, to say the least. Master Peace is not limiting himself with any genre borders. He easily and flawlessly moves from slurred stoner raps to blokey pop-punk in a matter of seconds. His single "Night Time" demonstrates beautifully how the artist's moods and styles change throughout a performance. 


Seductively rapping about sex, flipping the male gaze on its head, and making it clear that once you enter her world, there is no way you can be in control, Shygirl establishes herself as one of the genre's unpredictable stars. Hopefully, she will continue her sound experiments surprising us more with her music in2021. If you love whisper raps like those 21 Savage delivers, definitely check Shygirl's releases. 


Changing the flow of the energy from heart-breaking to fired up is rapper-songwriter Pnpmar 's specialty. The artist always delivers high-quality sound with radio-ready production. He, with no big effort, makes his rap sound swag and edgy while at the same time is also capable of dropping soft and groovy, heavy-hitting beats peppered up with urban poetry. For instance, his latest release, "Pain," a tale of betrayal and depression, sounds soul-stirring and wise, whereas his other song on the same themes demonstrates the artist's intense and fiery music. 


Through his dreamy rap, Mavi explores human nature, demonstrating insightful lyricism, unorthodox flow, druggy swirl adding new vivid colors to his music, and creating his own signature style. He breathes fresh air into the industry with his out of the standard approach to songwriting. His music has otherworldly energy capable of spreading its atmospheric vibe to the audience. Mavi looks deep inside people and brings to the surface the most unpredictable. Hopefully, the artist will continue to amaze us in 2021. 

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