Top 5 Destinations For Good Music Festival Sex (And Probably Bad Sex Too)

Festivals are like adult playgrounds, with endless music, entertainment and possibilities. But let’s be real, you could present us with all the activities and sensory overload in the world and we’d still have another thing on our minds — sex. Therefore, music festival sex is a very real thing.

, one of the world’s largest sex toy and lingerie websites, has surveyed to figure out the top destination festivals for getting it on. It’s a little shocking, that only 18 percent of the 1,545  individuals survey admitted to having sex at a music festival. Another 30 percent said they have not, but would like to.

They got down to the dirty details, too. Of the 18 percenters, 26 percent said they participated in oral sex and 4 percent participated in anal. Alrighty, then.

So, lets get to the good stuff. The top 5 best music festivals to have sex at are:

1. Burning Man
2. Coachella
3. Lollapalooza
4. Austin City Limits

Some of these findings came at quite a surprise considering they’re not all camping festivals — like, who is having sex at Lollapalooza? And the better question is where?

Founder of , Neal Slateford explained the findings in his own words: “Music and sex have been intricately linked in our culture and they are both powerful forces that bring people together. It’s encouraging to know that consumers have a healthy appetite to combine both and are able to find sexual happiness anywhere they are.”

P.S. If you’re interested to find out the substance most linked with sex (and regret) go .



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