Tony Glausi and Charlemagne the Goddess team up for “I Could Fall in Love” [Video]

Multi-talented trumpeter/producer Tony Glausi and rapper Charlemagne the Goddess have teamed up for this uplifting record titled "I Could Fall in Love." Glausi masterfully blends elements from jazz, soul, retro-pop, and hip-hop on this tune to deliver a bright piano-driven, groovy beat that fits perfectly with Charlemagne's insightful lyrics that center around love and the what if's. The track opens up with Glausi's mellow melodic chorus that complements the verses by Charlemagne. The rapper reflects on the variables that come in falling in love and maybe it ain't all that to start with it. Contrasting perspectives between the two are expressed as Glausi belts over hopeful melodic tones on the chorus. Other contributors to the track include Lex Sadler on the Moog bass, Anwar Marshall on drums and Alex Siesse on background vocals, and additional production

Tony Glausi has established his place in the industry as an international award-winning trumpeter, keyboardist, composer, and producer in New York City. Among other accolades, Tony won first prize in the 2017 Carmine Caruso International Jazz Solo Competition, first prize in the Jazz division of the 2017 ITG International Trumpet Competition, and first prize in the jazz division of the 2014 National Trumpet Competition.

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