Toni Romiti’s “My Fire” is a stunning pregnancy announcement

R&B singer and celebrity influencer Toni Romiti surprised her fans on Friday with a very unique pregnancy reveal tied to her new single and video for “My Fire.” Romiti had kept her secret safe on social media for the entire duration of her pregnancy and was met with an overwhelming amount of love and celebration from her fans following the very special event.

The video for “My Fire” is a true attestation to Romiti's exceptional talent when it comes to visual storytelling. In the video, we see a beautiful young child who portrays a messenger, commence on a voyage to bring Romiti and her partner Jaecob a glowing, circular orb that announces the birth of her baby girl. The visuals take the viewer through sun-drenched deserts and vast bodies of glowing water to make this dream possible. Natural elements are positioned throughout the film, rich in symbolism and meaning. The song features smooth R&B soundscapes, deep and tender vocals, and Romiti’s signature confident delivery, making it a perfect jam to enter a new season with. 

Romiti unveiled this message in hopes that her baby will be encouraged to be a "powerful and compassionate individual who is given the grace to ultimately be who she wants to be."

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