Tokyo Toni Reveals The Game Hooked Up With Her Daughter Blac Chyna, Jokes She’ll Seduce Him Next

“I heard you talking about me,” said the rapper once he took his seat. “I love staying on your mind.”

“You give me vibes,” said Kemp further into the episode. “You done had the daughter now you’re trying to get at the momma. That shit ain’t right, you ain’t got it like that. Respect these aunties over here, nephew.”

“I ain’t never told nobody mama this about they kid in my life, but today gon’ be the night,” The Game told Tokyo. “Your daughter ain’t no slouch down there. She get it in.”

He clarified that he’s talking about a “two-hand twist.”

“Me too,” Tokyo said seductively as she parted her legs in his direction.

“Put your pussy up,” said Saffold.

Elsewhere in the episode, co-host Tia Kemp gave the rapper a lap dance. “[Ross] might get mad, but hey dog,” said Kemp as she climbed on top of The Game, who is feuding with Ross.