TMG FRE$H shows pure resilience on “Late Night” [Video]

Emerging Los Angeles-based hip-hop act TMG FRE$H shares his second single "Late Night" as he prepares to drop his debut album, Margiela Language, later this year.  On "Late Night" he recounts a real-life experience where he was robbed outside of his home and details how that event shaped him as a person. The track however is not as gloomy as it sounds and it's ripe with a catchy melodic flow and somewhat trippy piano riff that blends with booming 808 drums.

The visuals are handled by The Chacon Brothers, who take elements from the cult classic film Fight Club to showcase TMG FRE$H's energetic and vibrant style. The directors do have an eye for solid action scenes as the fight choreography is quite engaging and convincing for the most part. It takes viewers deep into the rapper's inner struggles as he tries to find his footing and respect in the game. He sure gets a heavy beating from the opponent but in the end, he comes out victorious with all the battle scars needed to solidify his status as the man to watch.
"Late Night"  is taken from his forthcoming album, Margiela Language, due out on Friday, June 4 via TMG Records.

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