Tinashe Granted 3-Year Restraining Order Against Stalker Who Showed Up at Her Home

Issues between Oppikofer and Tinashe began in 2022, when the man began tagging her in posts on Instagram. Back in October, the man showed up to Tinashe’s brother’s birthday party, despite not knowing anyone in the singer’s family, and handed the 30-year-old a room key, which she handed back. Tinashe called law enforcement but the man had left the neighborhood by the time authorities arrived.

A few days later, Oppikofer showed up at Tinashe’s home and rang the doorbell. He was confronted by people inside the home, who told him to leave, before he left the residence without further incident. Tinashe claims Oppikofer returned Nov. 3 and was confronted by her father, as the man attempted to break into her house. Tinashe said she fled to a locked room in the property, which she alleged Oppikofer tried to open.

Tinashe said she was “scared for her life” following the most recent incident, and subsequently filed a restraining order against Oppikofer.