TikTok Celebrates Black History Month, Honors Black Creators at Visionary Voices Black Hollywood Brunch in LA

On Sunday, February 26, TikTok hosted Visionary Voices Black Hollywood Brunch, bringing together the Black community and its allies in honor of visionary creatives and culture change makers in media and entertainment to celebrate Black History Month.

Some experiences and events that took place were an engaging discussion on the trendsetting impact of the Black TikTok community,  moderated by TikTok’s #BlackTikTok Community Manager Alexzi Girma, featuring honorees from our first-ever 2023 #BlackTikTok Visionary Voices List.

A Step and Repeat: A Hollywood-inspired red carpet moment to capture guests’ best style and beauty moments at the event.

#BeautyTok and Black-owned SMB pop-ups by:

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