Tiësto, of All DJs, Says It's "Time To Go Back To The Basics" of EDM

Whether you like his music or not, Tiësto’s status as a superstar DJ is undeniable. Having been a part the scene for the better part two decades and achieving or pioneering pretty much every accolade available to electronic musicians, he’s still showing the young kids how it’s done and keeps his touring schedule packed.

He’s currently in the throes his CLUBLIFE tour, which aims to put an emphasis on the dark and dingy rather than the grand and imposing, a setting in which he’s found himself for many the past few years.

inthemix was able to catch up with Tiësto on the road and ask him some questions about the “past, present, and future” dance music, and some his answers are sure to surprise you. Not least all is one quote currently making its rounds in which he says it’s “time to go back to the basics.” The reason this might come as a surprise for most people is that Tiësto has largely been producing and releasing pop dance anthems for the past few years. Whether this answer excites fans or elicits an enormous eye roll is down to the individual, but it’s to clear to see from his actions that Tiësto means business.

“The Clublife series is definitely meant to be played in the clubs, I think some people in the dance music scene move too much into the pop world. I think it’s time to go back to the basics and just release great, banger tracks. Because that’s what it’s all about, when you play at a festival or you play in a club, that’s what people like to hear and that’s what I like to play just great dance music!”

You can read the full interview on inthemix .



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