TIEM shares debut single “NOT4tv” [Video]

Emerging UK artist TIEM shares his debut release "NOT4tv," a mid-tempo club-ready jam that takes elements from a handful of genres. From the lush muted-guitars, punchy Afrocentric groove, and airy horns, the track sure packs a punch while TIEM delivers the goods with his distinct laidback flow riddled with cheeky lyrics. He displays quite a range of personalities on the track, from chatting up a girl to paying homage to his roadies while maintaining his street frame. As for the visual, the director makes use of the in-studio live performance concept with little to no visual effects. It splices long performance shots, different angles, and a moody lighting scheme to achieve its intended results. Something simple and effective is what I'd call it.

TIEM is a Zimbabwe-born, Brighton, UK-raised artist who is green to the music industry and is currently working on a yet-to-titled EP.

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