These Discounted DNA Test Kits Let You Learn About Yourself (or Your Pets) for Less

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Shoppers are flocking to Amazon right now, with the e-tailer discounting thousands of products for March, including the best DNA test kit sales we’ve seen in a while.

DNA test kits have blown up over the past several years (especially as gifts) and for good reason. For starters, the data they can provide is fascinating. You get to learn your ancestral heritage and ethnicity breakdown, including where your ancestors came from, when they migrated, and even if you have nearby relatives you might not know about.

But the best DNA test kits are also practically useful, as you can find out things like genetic predispositions and confirmed paternity. Plus, some brands even offer DNA test kits for pets, letting you discover your dog’s breed makeup, any genetic health concerns, and relatives.

The Best DNA Test Kit Deals

The only downside with DNA test kits — especially for gifting purposes — is that they can get pricey. Here’s where the best DNA test kit deals come in. You can save more than 35% off on popular DNA test kits through Amazon, and get them shipped to your doorstep — no lab visit required.

1. AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test


AncestryDNA is one of the best-known, best-selling brands in the DNA test kit market, offering some great kits like this Genetic Ethnicity test. Just buy the kit on Amazon, take a saliva sample, and send it off to the company’s lab for results in six to eight weeks.

Your results will include in-depth data on your whole genetic/ethnic background, including a precise percentage for your ancestral regions, eras of travel for your ancestors, and even modern-day matches with distant relatives. It also splits up your heritage by parent, so you can see exactly which parts of your ethnicity came from where.

Buy AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test $59.00

2. 23andMe+ Premium Membership Bundle

23andMe is another huge name in DNA testing, which is key for getting reliable accurate results and tapping into a network of relatives who may have taken a similar test. Right now, the brand is discounting this Premium Membership Bundle with a special $30 on-site coupon. That brings the price down from $229 to just $199 — its lowest price since Black Friday.

The 23andMe test yields ancestry, genetic trait information, and genetic health data all in one package. You can also opt-in to the test’s relative finder, if you want to connect with distant relatives. We also appreciate 23andMe’s security, which ensures that your information stays safe in its database.

Buy 23andMe+ Premium Membership Bundle… $229.00

3. TellMeGen Advanced DNA Test


Another great DNA test that’s currently discounted is this test from TellMeGen. Just like the above tests, you get extensive information about where your ancestors came from, whether or not you’re prone to health conditions, and where you got certain genetic traits. Everything is super easy to use and set up.

Regularly $149+, it’s 36% off at time of this writing, bringing the price down to under $95.

Buy TellMeGen Advanced DNA Test $94.90

4. Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test


Want to learn more about your pooch? Pick up this Wisdom Panel dog DNA test, which is currently on sale for $139 – a $20 discount. The panel gives an overview of your dog’s genetic makeup, providing detailed information about its specific breed mix, why it has certain traits (i.e. its fur and eye colors), and any health risks. The test will even show any of your dog’s relatives, as long as those relatives have also taken a DNA test. You do need to swab your dog’s mouth for the test, which might not be the easiest task, but it’s certainly worth it for any dog owner.


Buy Wisdom Panel Premium Dog DNA Test $139.99

5. Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test


Yep, you can get your cat’s DNA tested too using this complete panel from Wisdom. Just like the dog test above, this DNA test identifies your cat’s breed mix and provides alerts of possible genetic health conditions that your cat could develop. Right now, the Wisdom cat DNA test is also on sale for 15% less than retail, going for just $109.

Buy Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test $109.99