There’s Already A Petition For ‘Black Panther’ — But The Reason Why May Surprise You

Black Panther has received nothing but positive reviews about everything from the cinematography to the all star cast — and it hasn’t even hit theaters yet.

The film’s success is a direct reflection how the Black community has been waiting for a box fice hit that reflects us as powerful, royal  and complete, as opposed to being someone’s slave. One user, Chaz Gormley, feels that Black Panther is so important to the culture, he created a petition calling on Marvel Studios and The Walt Disney Company to invest 25 percent the prits for the film into the black community.

Gormley says in the petition, that Marvel and Walt Disney Co. have “targeted the black community with their advertisements” for the film. He added, “Through a clever, well-manufactured marketing campaign Marvel Studios and their parent company The Walt Disney Company have targeted the Black community with their advertisements for the upcoming ‘Black Panther’ film, due to release on February 16, 2018. As marginalized groups have become more vocal, corporations and their savvy public relations departments have turned to catering to these groups – to turn a prit – and this film by Marvel Studios is no different.We cannot continue to recklessly support these conglomerates, allowing them to prit f us without demanding something more than just their products in return.”

Thus #BreakBreadMarvel was born.

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