The Weeknd’s Newest Record Could Destroy Your Turntable — Or Your Extremities

In a collaboration that could cost the Weeknd’s fans their fingers (and over $1,000), the singer has teamed with art collective MSCHF to release his latest single “Out of Time” as a vinyl record pressed into an actual, working saw blade.

The limited-to-25-copy pressing of the Vinyl Blade — up for blind auction now at the MSCHF site until April 8, with a low bid of $1,000 — allegedly works on both turntables and table saws, although MSCHF doesn’t recommend the latter. 

“Attempting to use Vinyl Blade on a saw could result in serious injury or death,” the packaging states, while the Weeknd similarly warns, “Do not operate while heartbroken.”

“Vinyl Blade includes a turntable adaptor. Please note that the Vinyl Blade has sharp edges, is a non-standard diameter, and is significantly heavier than a standard vinyl record,” MSCHF added of the unique record. “All of these factors may affect playback on some turntables. Handle with care and only play at 33 RPM. Vinyl Blade’s grooves are copper-clad steel, which may wear your stylus down faster than a normal record.”

The Vinyl Blade isn’t MSCHF’s first quirky, potentially bloody music collaboration: The Brooklyn collective previously teamed with Lil Nas X for 666 pairs of the rapper’s short-lived, instantly litigious “Satan Shoes,” which both immediately sold out and sparked a lawsuit from Nike.