The Weeknd, Nas Join Belly in Apocalyptic ‘Die for It’ Video

Belly struts through the burning, trash-strewn streets of a bombed-out city in the video for “Die for It,” a new collaboration with the Weeknd and Nas. The track appears on See You Next Wednesday, Belly’s new album, out today, August 27th.

“Die for It” revolves around an ominous, slow-rolling beat. Belly raps about his paranoia and lack of sleep — “I can never tell, is this Heaven, Hell or purgatory?” he wonders — while the Weeknd croons the sweetly menacing refrain: “If this is what it is, then I’ll die for it.”

In the video for the track, Belly briefly sprouts wings, turning into some sort of strange digital angel, while Nas spends much of his time on screen brooding in the rubble of a clock tower. “Get so lost in my thoughts,” the veteran MC raps. “Powerful things I would die for, everything I built for twenty years/Won’t allow you to make that crumble.” The clip is stuffed to the gills with sinister imagery: Exploding TVs and cars, doomy-looking crows, and a surplus of flames.

See You Next Wednesday is the follow-up to Belly’s 2018 album Immigrant. In addition to the Weeknd (who shows up twice) and Nas, the album features verses from Young Thug, Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna, and Big Sean.