The Kindness wants to know what happens if he says “Young Metro 3 Times”.

The rising Artist “Kindness, the Doer” who recently charted on Billboard heatseekers and iTunes for his single WWJD? Is honestly wondering if his fellow Saint Louisain “Metro Boomin” would be interested in working with him on his album to be released this year in October.

“I mean.. we both from stl. I think it could work right”.

August Gregory Russell aka Kindness the Doer is building a foundation in the creative Christian hip hop scene

His deluxe version of his album “THE LOST TRIBE OF JUDAH (MUSICAL THEATER DELUXE)” will be out in April. It’s gonna be lit.

His singles “Babylon USA”, “WWJD?”, “End of Days”, and “Psalm 23” are all hits and have stellar visuals.

Look for more music and cool events from kindness soon.

“Metro if you wanna make a classic. Hit me up on my IG”.

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