The Kid Releases Latest Album Titled The Kid and Friends

29 year old Boston-based artist The Kid is back with a new album, The Kid and Friends. Featuring 11 tracks and a dozen collaborations, (some tracks feature more than 1 artist), The Kid has been working on this project since 2016, merging various Hip Hop  subgenres into his signature sound, a mixture of 90’s Hip-Hop with a twist of modernity. The album was produced by himself, mixed by Mertz and mastered by The Arcitype at The Bridge Sound & Stage, and finished in December of 2019.

It’s in high school that The Kid started making beats with a Boss BR-532 Digital Multi Track Recorder, then a Tascam DP-008 8-track digital Portastudio, and eventually with Cubase SX 3 up through High School. He started singing to his own beats more seriously after being heavily influenced by 808s & Heartbreak by Kanye West. In 2016, he decided to really take his beat making seriously and purchased Ableton Live 9, Native Instruments, Autotune, a Roland FA-06 keyboard, and an iMac Desktop computer to go along with his microKorg, These instruments and softwares are now the base from which he makes all his music. 

That same year, The Kid was able to get Atlanta-based artist Rome Fortune to feature on one of his beats, marking the beginning of The Kid and Friends album project.  This was the turning point that helped him realize that he could envision the recording of a collaboration album featuring other talented artists too. Out of The Kid and Friends' tracklist, 3 tracks are accompanied by animated music videos including "Yeah", "You Can't Get This Money", and "Dark" all available on Youtube. 

The versatile artist is also the designer of all of the album’s art from the cartoons of all the features, to the cover art, to the animated music videos and his website. The Kid has announced that he is currently working on several other projects including his next album.

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