The Game ‘Wasn’t Scared’ to Die After Being Shot Multiple Times in 2001 Drug Deal Gone Wrong

The Game says he thought he was going to die after being shot multiple times during a drug deal gone wrong back in 2001.

In a new interview with DJ Vlad, the Drillmatic – Heart vs. Mind artist was asked about the near-fatal experience, prompting him to walk viewers through that fateful night.

At this point in his life, Game said, he was “usually the strategic one” when it came to heeding the typical rules of drug sales, namely the midnight cutoff. On this particular night, however, he decided to be “greedy” by breaking this rule when he recognized the person who was knocking at his door.

“I look through the peephole and it was this corny ass square n***a that always comes through,” he said, as seen in the video up top. “He gets some trees and a little something else and then he dips, so when I look through the door all I could see was him. So I’m like, ‘I’ll serve this n***a and then I’mma kill it after this. But let me make this little 20, 30, 40, maybe 50 if he wants an eight ball or something like that.’ So I opened the door and as soon as I opened the door two other n***as came behind him with guns drawn and it sort of like blew me back off the door.”

From there, Game said he started to reach for a handgun on his kitchen table, only for one of the individuals who had ambushed him to start also reaching for the same weapon. An on-the-ground tussle ensued, during which he was ultimately shot in the chest.

“I flew back, not knowing that I was shot, and I start running down the hallway to get my shotgun, my sawed-off, from the backroom,” Game said. “He shot twice more and I got shot in the ankle and I got shot in the stomach too.”

Game was certain a finishing “dome shot” was imminent, so he decided to close his eyes and make peace with what he was convinced would be his final moments on Earth.

“I wasn’t scared… I didn’t have no children yet so I didn’t really have nothing to hold on to,” he explained. “Me and my mom’s relationship was strained, me and my pop’s relationship was strained. All I had was my few little chicks and my sidekick that I probably was gon’ miss, but other than that I was about to say my peace with God. I didn’t expect to make it out of that.”

To his surprise, Game opened his eyes to find that he was alone, at which point he crawled to the bathroom and dialed 911 using a Motorola flip phone. He passed out shortly after, then woke up from a coma several weeks later.

The Game has reflected on the harrowing incident in the past, including back in 2019 with an anniversary-marking Instagram update in which he expressed gratitude for being given “a second chance” that ultimately resulted in him embarking on a star-making journey.

“I never expected nor cared to live past 25 years old,” he told fans at the time, adding that he “literally didn’t give a fuck” at that time in his life.

On the music side of things, Game linked with The Dean just last month for the single “Angel.” His most recent full-length studio effort is the aforementioned Drillmatic, a 31-song album featuring the heavily headlined Ye collab “Eazy.”