The Flaming Lips Return to the First Venue They Played for ‘Will You Return/When You Come Down’

The Flaming Lips performed “Will You Return/When You Come Down,” with an assist from artist/musician/Willie Nelson’s son, J. Micah Nelson, on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday, April 26th.

As Jimmy Kimmel noted, the performance was taped at the first venue the Flaming Lips ever played, the Blue Note in the band’s hometown of Oklahoma City. Set up in front of hanging plastic shields (perhaps partly for Covid-19 safety reasons, although they did add a shimmering looking-glass feel to the visuals), the Flaming Lips moved effortlessly through the swooning psychedelic cut, with Nelson perfectly recreating the guitar solo he played on the recorded version of the tune.

“Will You Return/When You Come Down” appears on the Flaming Lips’ most recent album, American Head, which was released last September. The band recently performed the album in its entirety at a special space bubble show in Oklahoma City on April 20th. The Lips began playing space bubble shows last year, taking a classic element of Coyne’s stage show — the big bubble he used to roll over crowds — and bringing them into the audience as a way to keep people safe while playing live during the pandemic.