The Deeper Meanings Behind Kendrick’s Drake Diss “6:16 in LA”

Kendrick Lamar warned Drake that he’d go “back to back” on “Euphoria” earlier this week, and now he made good on that promise with “6:16 in LA.”

Dot spends much of the song surgically picking apart Drake’s OVO crew, planting seeds that there is a rat among them. This angle is especially effective given how paranoid Drake already was before all of this (on songs like “Champagne Poetry,” he raps about how his “cleaning staff’s plotting extortion” on him). 

The smooth flip of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” makes the track sound amazing even without the shots, but of course, Kendrick even found a way to hide a deeper meaning behind the sample itself, which has ties into Drake’s family (more on that below).

“6:16 in LA” is full of layered references and even more quintuple entendres,” so here’s a breakdown of all of the deeper meanings behind the track.