The Best ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Merch For Tim Robinson Superfans

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One thing that’s objectively true about Tim Robinson’s I Think You Should Leave sketches: They were meant to be quoted. This isn’t a show that you can watch passively; it will take over your life until every news story you read and every conversation you have makes you think of that one line from that one sketch. (I know it isn’t just me who screams “LET ME GO FIRST, I’M DOING SOMETHING!” in the middle of conversations: A Twitter account devoted to ITYSL memes has 66,000 followers and counting. I’m not weird!)

Tim Robinson’s quotable sketches haven’t just taken over the internet (and everyday conversation); they’ve inspired countless T-shirts, mugs, hats, and everything in between. If you’re ready to quite literally wear your heart on your sleeve, here is some of the best I Think You Should Leave merch available online, spanning all three seasons of the show’s sketches.

The Best I Think You Should Leave Merch: Hats, Stickers, Mugs, And More

From hats to T-shirts, we found the ultimate I Think You Should Leave-inspired merch you can buy right now.

Corncob TV Hat

Sketch: “Corncob TV,” Season 2, Episode 1


Even those who haven’t watched I Think You Should Leave have heard of the Coffin Flop episode. Stick it to Spectrum and show them how much you love Corncob TV with this embroidered dad hat, which comes in four colors and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter. BUY: $32 at Etsy

Driving Crooner Stickers

Sketch: “Designated Driver,” Season 3, Episode 1


Season Three’s Driving Crooner sketch immediately begged the question: Is it possible to actually buy the Driving Crooner decals online? Thankfully, the answer is yes. (Looks like someone found a way to make money on this!) These stickers are both waterproof and scratch-resistant, and one happy customer said that they are “perfect … as long as no one tries to make it look fake.” BUY: $12.60 at Etsy

Egg Game Mug

Sketch: “Eggman Game,” Season 3, Episode 2


Anyone who sees this mug is going to be looking at a nude egg. But if they accuse you of looking at porn, just remind them that it’s a nude egg you won from your game. You’re not in trouble at all. BUY: $18 at Etsy

Back Away Banana Breath Shirt

Sketch: “Banana Breath,” Season 3, Episode 6


This is a sketch about making shirts to memorialize a joke during an HR training, so it only feels right that someone went ahead and actually made the shirt in question. The computer drawing on the shirt isn’t great, but Rick did say that he can’t do computers. BUY: $14.93 at Etsy

I Don’t Even Want To Be Around Anymore Beanie

Sketch: “Prank Show,” Season 2, Episode 1


A black beanie like this one is a great way to add a subtle nod to ITYSL into your everyday wardrobe. This style in particular takes its quote from the popular “Prank Show” sketch, but there are other styles with quotes from the “Ghost Tour” sketch (“I don’t want anybody to have the worst day at their job”) and the “H.D. Vac” sketch (“You can’t skip lunch”). BUY: $27 at Etsy

Dan Flashes Shirt

Sketch: “Dan Flashes,” Season 2, Episode 2


This shirt has a super complicated pattern, so it’s honestly shocking that it’s only $30. (This could easily be worth $150!) Reviews do note that the shirt runs small, so you may want to size up for a more comfortable fit. BUY: $30 at Amazon

Shirt Brothers Shirt

Sketch: “Children’s Choir,” Season 3, Episode 4


This shirt is a reference to Season Three’s “Children’s Choir,” which has a little bit of everything: Shirt brothers! An original song from Turnstile! An actual children’s choir! This is a great merch option if you want to join Tim Robinson as a shirt brother with no rules, and all proceeds go toward shirt brother/actor Biff Wiff’s cancer treatment. The seller recommends sizing up if you are in between sizes. BUY: $30 at Etsy


I’m Doing The Best At This Shirt

Sketch: “Focus Group,” Season 1, Episode 3


Though this ITYSL quote is in relation to a focus group on Ford cars, you can use it to brag about anything that you’re exceptionally good at (and remind Paul that he has no good ideas). The shirt comes in 19 different colors, so you can pick the one that’s most likely to impress your mother-in-law. BUY: $22.37 at Redbubble