The 5 Songs Doja Cat Can’t Live Without

While on set for her Rolling Stone cover shoot, Doja Cat revealed the five songs she can’t live without. The Grammy-nominated rapper is the face of RS‘s January issue.

In the video, Doja Cat shares an eclectic mix of favorite songs, showing off her unique taste and wide-ranging influences. She singles out the French-language Yves Montand tune “Le Jazz et La Java” first, citing a specific throat sound the singer makes while lingering on a note. Other artists include Babyxsosa, Mulherin, Big Thief (one of her favorite bands), and Ms. Sancha. “Try Me” by Ms. Sancha is a song that Doja Cat loved as a kid, considering it to be one of the defining songs of her youth.

Doja Cat gave an intimate interview with Rolling Stone for the January issue, detailing her childhood and the slow start of a career that has since skyrocketed her from viral fame to full-on pop domination. Her lawyer and manager Josh Kaplan weighed in on her branding, from SoundCloud drops to pop stardom.

“At first it was really easy to originally compare her to SoundCloud rappers, and it was like, ‘She raps. She must be like Nicki or she must be like Cardi,’ ” Kaplan told RS. “I think she’s different. I’ve always seen her as more of a Lady Gaga type.”

Doja Cat recently tested positive for Covid and canceled her year-end Jingle Ball appearances. Next year, she plans on touring in support of Planet Her and releasing a cooking show.