The 2022 Grammys Showrunner Is Already Thinking About Next Year

After having to delay the show following a surge in Covid cases earlier this year, the Grammys dazzled in Las Vegas Sunday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. With performances from Lil Nas X and BTS, and historic moments featuring Volodymyr Zelenskyy remoting in from Kyviv, Rolling Stone tapped showrunner and executive producer Raj Kapoor for a rundown of music’s biggest night.

“As soon as this show is done, we are putting people on hold for next year,” Kapoor said. “When you have 21 performances in the show, everything has to work like clockwork. We are dependent on every person doing their job to the best of their ability.”

Jon Batiste led the night with 11 nominations and took home five, including Album Of The Year. The soulful singer took the stage for a lively performance that encompassed the ethos of 2021’s “We Are.”

“I think that infectious energy that Jon has and his musical gifts are so demonstrated in that performance. I’m just so excited because I think that performance helps define his career.”

Behind the Scenes of the 2022 Grammys

The 64th annual Grammys featured a special rooftop component highlighting first time-nominees Aymée Nuviola, Billy Strings, and Maverick City Music. First of its kind, the intimate performances highlighted latin tropical, bluegrass and gospel music, giving a different crop of genres a shining moment in front of millions of viewers.

2022 marks Kapoor’s first year as showrunner. From serving as segment producer for the show in 2001 to taking the reins 20 years later, Kapoor set out to create a special experience that reflects his vision of the Grammy standard.

“My goal for the Grammys is to continue to push boundaries, continuing to push musical excellency and artistry. I hope that my team continues to give artists the tools and the resources to give the audience at home and in the room some of the best performances that they’ve ever seen.”