Thalia Falcon shares charismatic new visual for “All That” [Video]

Up-and-coming R&B and pop artist Thalia Falcon has shared a charismatic new visual for her new song "All That". This hypnotizing track has now been given a confident, stylish new video to accompany it.

Sonically, "All That" is centred around warm, laid-back guitars and buttery keyboards. Underneath, minimalistic percussion and rich bass hold a steady pace and help glue the track together, creating an infectious groove. Partway through, a muscular, crisp drum line drops, turning the track into a full-fledged banger. Over top, Falcon comes through with some hypnotic melodies that sound incredibly sharp and well-crafted. 

The visual for "All That" is equally well executed, featuring a brightly lit, colorful setting and energetic yet smooth dancing from Falcon. Her performance throughout the video is confident and charismatic, adding to the organic, carefree feel of the song. Furthermore, the video uses driving shots effectively to convey the feeling of momentum and pace in the track. 

Overall, "All That" is a strong release from Thalia Falcon, showcasing her sharp songwriting skills and expressive individuality. Both the song and music video show a lot of focus and poise, and prove that Falcon is a creative force to be reckoned with. Hopefully more is soon to come from her this year. 

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