Texas Woman Brutally Beaten By Police After Falling Asleep In Passenger Seat Of Friend’s Car

A young woman, identified as Leah Dure, was brutally beaten by police in Killeen, Texas after she fell asleep in a friend’s car on New Year’s Eve. Leah’s older sister, Brittany Johnson, says police dragged her out the passenger seat, beat her to the point that her eye is closed shut, and accused her driving under the influence.

According to Johnson, the accusation was unfounded—not only because Leah wasn’t in the driver’s seat, nor was she driving at the time she was approached, but also because Leah doesn’t have a driver’s license, nor does she know how to drive. There was also no reason for police to use excessive force on a sleeping “suspect.”

Here’s what Leah’s big sis says happened in an Instagram post published on January 4, 2018:

“Leah, who has no priors and has never been in trouble with the police, does not know how to drive nor does she have a drivers license. There would be no reason for her to be behind the wheel a car, with that being said what would be the reason for the police ficers to use excessive force like they did. Her eye is completely shut, she has bruises all over her body, and is now not able to work because the way that she looks. All this happened in Killeen, Tx. My little sister did not deserve this, she is the most loving and caring person that I know. Please help us get justice for my little sister!!!”

Read Johnson’s full account up top.

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