Teenage Potentially Blinded for Life After Being Blasted By Paint Gun At Rave

Raves with glowing paint have been a thing for many years now; however, when implemented incorrectly, the results can have dire consequences. No one is more aware of this right now than Dillon Connery, 18, a teenager vacationing in Mallorca who during one of these raves was hit in the face with a paint gun and could potentially be blinded for life.

Connery was attending a party at the Carwash Club in Magaluf and had only been at the resort for a few hours before the incident occurred. He arrived Wednesday, July 11, and by Thursday, his friends were calling his mom to tell her what had happened.

His mother, Ashleigh, told STV News: “It’s absolutely crazy. He arrived on the Wednesday evening, then on the Thursday morning his friends found Dylan in a bad way and I was told about it. I assumed he had been attacked.

“The UV paint party involved a handmade weapon which went full pelt and close range into both of Dylan’s eyes.”

The force of the paint gun hitting Connery’s eyes could leave him permanently blind. After several procedures at a Spanish hospital, doctors are hopeful that he could regain sight in his right eye. His ultimate fate remains to be seen.


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