Teddi Gold radiates kaleidoscopic vibes on “Technicolor” [Video Premiere]

Everything about Teddi Gold screams COLOR, from the neon outfits splattered across her Instagram to the Crayola box of upbeat vibes she delivers on each new track. Teddi’s music video for “Technicolor,” the effervescent pop sensation’s most recent single, delivers on this polychromatic promise and accompanies a song oozing with brio, bounce, and all the ROYGBIV you can handle.

In the visuals for “Technicolor,” Teddi glides through an exquisite electro-pop soundscape as she flaunts an array of dazzling outfits. Her musings on hot air balloon rides and Salvador Dalí paintings are just as endearing as her red heart-framed glasses and silk-scarfed Audrey Hepburn look. The Technicolor-era flourishes in the song and video are inspired by Teddi’s roots in Hollywood’s Golden Age.

“My great grandma was a Paramount actress in the ’30s, and my great grandpa was a tap dancer who danced [with] Fred Astaire and Betty Grable,” Teddi says. “I grew up watching classic films, some of which my grandma introduced me to, like The Wizard of Oz, Casablanca, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Roman Holiday, the list goes on.”

“Technicolor,” which Teddi dedicates to “anyone who wants to fall in love like they do in the classic Technicolor films,” is, itself, easy to bat your eyelashes at. Teddi’s lush vocals lull you in from the jump. The hook is even more silky, until the beat drops and the synths go berserk and the drums intensify and you lose yourself in a kaleidoscope of aural and visual bliss.

The masterminds behind the video’s psychedelic steez, directors Elise Bortz and Ethan Stockwell, nailed the old Hollywood feel by shooting on 35mm film and applying vintage special effects like rear projection and color channel mixing. Given the pristine quality and direction of the visuals, it’s hard to believe this is the duo’s first music video credit.

“We found that classic video techniques like double exposure and extreme color grading gave us a fun, playful vibe while still harkening back to an era of analogue effects,” explain Bortz and Stockwell. “We wanted to juxtapose this style with the modern beats and sentiment behind the song to match Teddi’s energy as an artist.”

We’ll see how Teddi follows up her colorific start to the fall, and closes out what’s been her most epic year yet. Prior to releasing “Technicolor,” Teddi worked with and befriended the late rapper Coolio, whose collaboration on her “The Floor is Lava” track would sadly be one of his last. The West Coast legend clearly rubbed off on Teddi, who is more colorful and unashamedly herself than ever before.

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