Tamar Braxton surprises fans with new single + video for “Notice Me”

Grammy-nominated R&B singer, songwriter, and TV personality Tamar Braxton surprised her “Tamartains,” with an unexpected release of her single “Notice Me,” on Friday, March 15, just two days before her birthday.

The R&B ballad is already in the Top 10 of the iTunes R &B/Soul charts and is Co-written by Tamar herself, along with Nyerere Davidson, Amber Smith, and Donald Sales.

“Notice Me,” is a thought-provoking track about love, vulnerability, and wanting to be appreciated, and noticed.

Tamar sings on the  hook, “One day you’ll notice me/ One day/ One day you’ll notice me/ One day/ A girl that loves you/ do anything for you/One day you’ll notice me.”

Tamar says she loves him when he doesn’t deserve it and puts up with all of his shortcomings, but he doesn’t notice. She tells him, “This can’t wait, you gone learn today.”  She also makes it clear that she will not come running back to him, even though he will want to run back to her- it may be too late by then. 

This song could also represent several types of one-sided relationships that lack reciprocity. It is a deeply felt song that will resonate with many people who are giving their all to their relationship but aren’t noticed.

The music is simple, yet soulful with piano chords and a drum beat. Of course, Braxton’s voice carries the weight of the song as she hits her high notes and runs.

Braxton also released a music video on Friday on her official YouTube channel. It’s simple but conveys the message of the song as she sits alone in a bedroom throughout the video all glammed up looking gorgeously flawless.  It’s as if she’s waiting for him to come home or to be acknowledged just like she says in the song.

This is Tamar’s first release since her Billboard chart-topping hit, “Changed,” which was released in March 2023. 

Check out the video “Notice Me,” below: