Talia Jackson's “19” is pure pop bliss [Video]

Netflix star and rising alt pop songwriter Talia Jackson has just unveiled her new vibrant single, "19," released alongside colorful visuals containing an impactful message. Like a light summery breeze at a picnic in the park, the track is an optimistic relief for hard times. Jackson, who is also an acclaimed actress, currently stars as "Jade" on Netflix's series Family Reunion, and has become an outspoken advocate for mental health awareness, sharing her own struggles with anxiety and depression. This year, she has released a series of pop gems including the moody downtempo dark pop single "You" and the soulful alt R&B infused "Hidden."

In her new single "19," Jackson reflects on growing up quickly as a child actress. The fast life in the spotlight in Hollywood can add extra pressure and anxiety, but Talia explores how a new love who accepts her fully, is making her life happy, fulfilling and less stressful.  Confiding, "I grew up fast, the industry will do that to you, especially if you get started young. I’ve always felt like I’ve been around longer than I actually have and I've struggled with my mental health for so long that I was exhausted with life. Then I met a person who made me feel so incredibly seen & heard that even the shitty days felt like heaven. He showed me that there is so much more to life than just the bad moments & helped me feel safe enough to be one thousand percent me." Featuring swirling synths, glowing landscapes and well crafted melodies, "19" is a tasty glossy pop song that is equally encouraging as it is a wake-up call to enjoy youth while it lasts . The highlight of "19," though, is Jackson's full-bodied ascending vocals which erupt into an anthem-worthy chorus. 
In the "19" visuals, Talia Jackson plays the character of a person who is years ahead of her age. Dazzled in make-up, extravagant clothes, and wearing an apron while baking in the kitchen, the concepts coincide with the feelings associated with playing the part of an adult early in life. Cool pastels and flowery visuals might represent Talia meeting someone special and the calming effect this has on her.
In a society filled with extra pressures, Talia takes an important stand on protecting your mental health and cherishing the relationships that create space for you to be yourself. Listen and watch Talia Jackson's new single "19" here and remember that even when the going gets tough, we have our loved ones there who will lift us up.
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