T.I. Makes Fun of King Harris for Not Knowing 2Pac Was an Actor, Will Smith Was a Rapper

“Man, 2Pac,” he added, to the confusion of his son.

“2Pac was an actor?” King said. “I didn’t know was an actor. I thought that was a lookalike 2Pac.”

The 19-year-old admitted that while he’s seen 1992’s Juice, he didn’t watch the credits roll, prompting T.I. to reply, “How could you embarass me like this?”

While King, also known as Kid Saiyan, shared that he’d never seen 2Pac play Lucky alongside Janet Jackson in 1993’s Poetic Justice, he seemed privy to Ice Cube having a film career, naming him his GOAT actor-rapper.

“I rock with Cube, he the OG,” T.I. said. “Can’t forget Will Smith.”

The response blindsided King, who didn’t know that the Oscar-winner was once The Fresh Prince, disappointing his father yet again.

“Bro, I don’t know no Will Smith song!” King said, before taking a jab at another actor-rapper. “That’s like asking me what’s a Nick Cannon song?”

But T.I. didn’t see the relation, saying “Nick Cannon has no hits” before King asked him about Smith’s hits. T.I. schooled his son, sharing that Smith was the first rapper to win a hip-hop Grammy Award (alongside DJ Jazzy Jeff).

“He’s the one that opened the door for rappers to come in, go to the Grammys and stunt, man.”