SZA Says Leakers Have Forced Her to Restart ‘Lana’ Project ‘From Scratch,’ Will Compile Leaks for ‘SOS’ Deluxe

In this case, SZA scrapped Lana, which had been in limbo for quite some time. She first disclosed the project at a concert in Brooklyn last September, describing it as a deluxe version of SOS that is a “whole ‘nother album.” She said at the time it would be out in the fall.

After photos and audio leaked, SZA decided this week that Lana “deserves more time and music no one’s ever heard before.”

SZA believes that by rounding up all the leaked songs and other tracks associated with SOS, she can avoid running into this situation again and focus entirely on Lana.

“And please be clear anybody defending a thief is weird as fuck,” she wrote at the end of a (not-deleted) thread. “I don’t come in your job and take shit and fuck up your work. Why would that be okay? Where’s the home training? Nobody wants to prosecute a young woman. We’ve all asked very nicely for some time now.”