SZA Confronts Fan Over ‘SZA WACK’ Meme in DMs, Sparks Debate About Artist Feelings

The woman then explained she received a “You’re lame as fuck !!” message from an unknown account that appeared to be SZA’s friend. She also said she continued telling SZA that it was a joke and there was no need for a confrontation or sending people after her. 

However, SZA wasn’t letting her off the hook and continued to drag the issue by telling her she’s a person just like everyone else and threatened to block the fan. The interaction had a polarizing reaction in her comment section, with many feeling SZA was justified in her actions and others feeling that she had no need to say anything. 

“Yeah. This kid sucks. She IS lacking empathy and is generally being mean. I’m not even a fan, but I stand with SZA on this one,” one person wrote on Reddit. 

Another said, “SZA was doing too much, she might be having a bad day or something, but I hate people like this girl who post something about a celebrity and then act shocked when said celebrity reply. Not only that but the girl is now posting a private conversation (?) Using SZA for clout.”

While she’s dealing with people sharing memes about her, SZA is still finding time to enjoy herself at concerts. Last month, the New Jersey native took hilarious measures to attend Drake and 21 Savage’s It’s All A Blur Tour stop in Los Angeles by rocking a baseball cap, a hoodie, a pair of glasses, and even a fake mustache.