Suge Knight Responds to Snoop Dogg ‘Praying for That Brother He Finds Peace’ Comment by Calling Him a ‘Fake Crip’

Suge Knight had some words for Snoop Dogg after the former Death Row Records rapper said he would pray for him. 

On Tuesday night, Knight took to his X page, formerly Twitter, to respond to Snoop who left a comment under an IG post of a VladTV article that mentioned the Death Row Records founder making allegations about Diddy, Russell Simmons, Andre Harrell, and Dr. Dre. 

Snoop wrote, “Smh I’m praying for that brother that he finds peace.” Suge caught wind of the comment and proceeded to get on social media and throw shots at the Long Beach native. In his first post, Suge took a screen capture of the VladTV post, including Snoop’s comment, and called him out. 

“Show the agreement or proof of payment and I’ll shut up!!! Bet you can’t!!! #Deathrow #snoopdogg,” Suge tweeted. He then posted a picture of Snoop’s wife in Hawaii with another man and writing, “You pray for me Snoop Dogg!!! Okay I’ll pray your wife stop going to Hawaii with other men!!!!#snoopdog #bosslady.”

Suge wasn’t quite done as he returned with another post where he shared a video of Snoop talking to someone who owed him money at one of his parties. “If you only could act like this when the camera rolling Snoop Dogg!!!#snoopdog #underdogg #fakecrip,” Suge wrote.