Su Lee reassures that she is still “Socially Alive”

It’s been quite a while since Earmilk featured Korean bedroom pop artist Su Lee, but today she releases the first single “Socially Alive” from her upcoming EP Box Dreams. Now that places have started to open back up again, a lot of people may feel that they need to revive their social skills after having been away for so long. Don’t feel so alone with those feelings, because Lee perfectly relates in the track.  

Su expresses her anxieties and loneliness over a sonic dream-pop production consisting of a simple backbeat, but heightened with sparkling, sonic textures. Lee, whose vocals are hearty and flowing throughout, isn’t afraid to mess around with her outro of little bow-wows. Even more, it’s her accompanying music video that really has a lot of character with Lee drifting around a Seoul playground with her little flower-faced cardboard friend.

Su got more vulnerable about the song, saying, "'Socially Alive' is my confession of what goes through my mind when I’m around  people. Regardless of how it may appear on the outside, I’m always terrified that I’ll say or do something stupid."

This first single already sounds great, and Lee assures that the rest of her EP will have the same vibe with hints of “magical daydreams and high hopes.” I know I’m very curious as to what that will sound like and audiences should, too.

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