Styles P Once Thought His Mixtape ‘Ghost in the Machine’ Was Trending Until He Learned It Was SZA’s Song

Styles P admits he once mistakenly thought his 2005 mixtape Ghost in the Machine was trending on the platform formerly known as Twitter, only to discover that people were discussing a SZA song of the same name.

During his appearance on the People’s Party with Talib Kweli Interview Show, the 48-year-old MC opened up about hip-hop’s longevity and maintaining the desire to rap as he gets older. Kweli suggested that instead of focusing on creating new music, artists like Styles should allow people to “catch up” by revisiting their “immaculate catalog,” including songs and entire bodies of work that they feel did not get the recognition they deserved.

Styles P agreed with Talib’s point, confessing he recently believed this exact situation was happening when he was informed that “Ghost in the Machine” was trending on X.

“I got gassed one day. Somebody told me ‘Ghost in the Machine’ was trending. It wasn’t me, it was SZA,” he said at the 59:30 mark. “I was like, ‘About time these motherfuckers caught up.’ I got a whole bunch of other shit they better catch up on. It wasn’t about me. I was like, ‘Oh shit, let me slow the fuck down and sit down, like, for a second.'”