Stunna Girl Mad at Ciara for Not Clearing “Goodies” Sample for Her Single: ‘These Old Hoes Be Hating’

Stunna Girl has called out Ciara for not clearing the “Goodies” sample for the West Coast native’s latest record, “Stand Up.”

On Thursday, Stunna took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to vent her frustrations with the R&B singer. Stunna had released the track last week but would take it down days later due to Ciara not clearing the sample. According to Stunna, Ciara is acting as if she made the beat and heard that her team reached out to stop the song from getting cleared, an interesting move given so many people have used the beat.   

“I literally hate when producers use samples,” she said. “These artists be actin like they made the beat it’s so many people that used that beat but @ciara team writing me saying she personally contacted them about me. But anytime I done used a beat that was sampled by a white artist they didn’t give af.”

A fan reached out and told Stunna that Ciara had to make money off the sample, too. Another said Ciara can’t be serious when she’s always preaching “girl code.”

“She better go moonwalk thru some venues & leave me tf alone,” Stunna said while adding, “That girl code sh*t be fake These old hos be hating.”