Stream Mayia’s Dazzling New Single “Temporary”

Talented young artist Mayia just dropped her new single “Temporary”, an absolute piece of art with thousands of streams already. Mayia has a powerful and skilled voice that is showcased in this song, leaving no room for distractions. The music itself is just beautiful, with roller-coaster ups and downs and some impressive beats that are unforgettable. 

“Temporary” is the first song off Mayia’s upcoming album which will have more wondrous, modern mixes of pop, r&b, jazz, and soul music. As an artist, Mayia’s musical journey began at the age of six when she began learning to play the drums. She then moved on to electric guitar, and when she was ten, she started taking vocal and piano lessons. The multi-talented artist also plays the saxophone which is an instrument that will enrich any kind of musical arrangement she comes up with. 

Releasing her debut album at the age of 18, Mayia’s music quickly became known as bold and passionate, filled with energy and emotions. There is freshness, originality and sophistication where Mayia creates. “Temporary” is set to become one of her most-loved hit songs since it is such an accurate expression of the artist’s creative process.

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