Sticky Fingers share their serene new singles, “Save The Day,” and “My Rush”

Sticky Fingers, the Australian group best known for melding rock, reggae and psychedelia to create a distinct sound all their own, has just unveiled their latest A-side double-single, “Saves The Day,” and “My Rush.”

Choosing to get personal, the two releases focus on differing—yet equally freeing—aspects of introspection.

“Saves The Day” reflects on past behavior and coming to terms with screwing up, with its smooth guitar riffs, delicate drums, and laid-back vocals acting as the supportive friends who'd rather soothe than judge. “I’m looking at the re-runs, I was acting like a dog," singer/bassist Paddy Cornwall confides. "Spending a year off the piss and the gear has been hard work that I’m pretty proud of. You find yourself with a real clear headspace looking into the past.”  The visuals, in turn, are as relaxed as the song itself, displaying the band chilling in the studio as well as performing for fans.

“My Rush,” on the other hand, is an intensely dark tune that is more addictive than soothing. Written during a rough patch for member Dylan Frost where he severely struggled with his health, this offering is a true cathartic release, chock full of its own confessions and liberating drums. 


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