Stevie Nicks Compares Putin to Hitler: He’s ‘Coming Back to Haunt Us’

While some celebrities have decided to use the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an opportunity to cringepost, Stevie Nicks chose to use her platform to deliver some choice words about Russian president Vladimir Putin.

On Friday, the singer shared a letter to her fans in which she compared Putin to that of Adolf Hitler and expressed her solidarity for those in Ukraine.

“This is Hitler coming back to haunt us. In one evening, until now, an entire sovereign country has been full-on invaded,” she wrote. “How dare he.”

Earlier in the letter, Nicks described how she had checked in on a Ukrainian friend after “watching the news all night.” At first she said she was fine, but not even an hour later, “she was now ‘ just trying to escape.’”

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“That changed everything,” Nicks wrote. “Now I know someone, an innocent person, who is having her freedom taken from her. I have been crying ever since.”

Nicks continued, saying that she was glad her mother “isn’t here to see this.” “My heart is broken for our new friend and for the people of Ukraine,” she wrote. “I am so, so sorry.”