Spotify Rolls Out "Friends Weekly" Playlist To Connect Friends Through Music

Every week, Spotify treats its users to a unique Discover Weekly playlist, perfect for finding new tracks and artists based on specific tastes and preferences. And now, it’s introducing another weekly playlist that has potential to be just as great for music discovery — Friends Weekly.

If you notice the new playlist, you’ll find it contains a bunch of songs that your friends are listening to. So, you can stay connected with them through music. Before this new feature, you were only able to peep what your friends were listening to with the “Friend Activity” sidebar.

According to , this feature was first introduced to select users a couple of months ago, but is still being tested. Now, Friends Weekly is being rolled out to a larger group of people starting today. Going deeper, some have noticed a separate group dedicated to browsing through friends’ Discover Playlists.

This comes as Spotify strives to make music listening an even more social experience. Instagram’s plan to integrate Spotify will make sharing music with friends easier than ever. More on that .

Spotify – Friends Weekly



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