Soulja Boy Apologizes to J. Cole With Help From Nicki Minaj: ‘I Really Thought Dude Was Hating on Me’

“I would’ve loved nothing more than to have you there,” she continued. “This is a prime fucking example… of how shit can go left real fast. I don’t know if you know but I ended up having to perform three times, and hosting a show, and doing a red carpet, right? It was at the last minute that I even decided what I was gonna perform in that slot.”

Minaj further clarified that if she had it her way, Soulja would have been included in the performance along with Lumidee who was sampled on the rapper’s summer single, “Red Ruby Da Sleeze,” which she also performed that night. “It’s never no disrespect to the queen. We love and support everything you do. I just felt a little certain type of way with MTV, but you got it cleared up, it’s all good,” said Soulja Boy.

When it came to J. Cole, Minaj helped Soulja Boy realize he misunderstood the rapper’s comments.

“[J. Cole] said that he had to keep it real with himself and admit that people like you are what was really keeping the wave going and like really bringing the energy … He basically gave you props … So what the fuck was you on when you misinterpreted it, and now you stand here doing the most again?”

It didn’t take long for Soulja to concede. After he hopped off the Live, he posted an apology to Cole via his X account, writing, “Nicki just told me I took what he said wrong. And that he was showing love. So I’m gonna let it go. My bad y’all I really thought dude was hating on me.”