Some of Bass Music's Biggest DJs Speak Out On Rail Camping

Music festivals are making more an effort to put a stop to rail camping — and some popular DJs think it’s about time!

If you’ve been to any Bassnectar show then you know what we’re talking about. Rail campers are the people lining up at the beginning the day at a music festival or when doors open at an event. Nothing will get in the way their front row rail view their favorite artist, even if that means sitting through every single act before the headliner.

Recently,  vowed to clear its rails before every show — “The rail is cleared between sets,” the fest . “It’s only fair.”

It wouldn’t be so bad if rail campers appeared interested in the other shows, but a lot the times they look less than enthused, even with their backs turned away from the stage. That’s the worst.

Now, some DJs including Riot Ten are also speaking up on the matter…

Preach! Space Jesus says it best with this golden rule to live by: “Camp at the festival, not at the rail.”

What do you think? Should events make it more a point to clear the rail before every act, or should ticket holders be entitled to hold their spot if they so desire? Sound f in the comments!

More on Okeechobee’s new policy .


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