Snoop Dogg Says He Helped Mike Epps Get Weed in Iceland: ‘I’m The Connect’

Snoop Dogg has been one of the premier faces of marijuana in hip-hop culture, and his reach has even gone international to where he’s gotten some greenery for people overseas, such as comedian and actor Mike Epps

Earlier this week, Epps paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! and recalled a time he was out in Iceland with his wife and needed to get his hands on some Mary Jane. He claimed he had no other choice but to hit up Snoop Dogg, who he felt must have some weed connection in the European country. 

“I was up there, and I needed some weed for the northern lights, and I called Snoop,” Epps said. “I said, ‘Snoop, man, you know anybody up here?’ He said, ‘You know I do, cuz.’ He had a guy in Iceland. He sent me to the dude’s house, and it was in the ghetto. They got a hood.”

He continued, “And it was a little chunky white guy — he looked like Bam Bam from Flinstones. He had a ponytail on his head and a couple teeth missing — he was like, ‘Yeah, Snoop Dogg sent you?’ I was like, ‘Yeah!’… I called Snoop, [and] I said, ‘Man, the eagle has landed.'”