Snoop Dogg Responds to Stephen A. Smith Joking About His Physique

Despite his lean frame, Snoop Dogg has remained in good shape throughout his career. He told GQ in 2019 that he has a robust fitness regime. “I get up early and start smoking. Then hit the weights,” he shared of his routine every Tuesday, during which he also fields deals from brands and works with his sound engineer on new music. “I hit the court early for some cardio and kickboxing,” he added of Wednesday. “Thursday is my rest day so I gotta hit it hard today and relax later. I come back to the compound and eat my meal prep, then its in the studio or working on my TV and film concepts.”

Last month, Snoop responded to 50 Cent after the Get Rich or Die Tryin’ rapper joked that fans could contact Snoop to get tickets for his current tour. “Hold on. Why all you n****s keep calling on me for these tickets to 50 Cent’s concert?,” said Snoop in a video shared to Instagram. “N***a, I ain’t got no tickets to 50’s concert or mine.”