Snoop Dogg Responds After Being Trolled by 50 Cent for Concert Tickets: ‘I Ain’t Got No Tickets to 50’s Concert or Mine’

“Hold on. Why all you n****s keep calling on me for these tickets to 50 Cent’s concert?,” says Snoop in the clip posted on Wednesday (Aug. 30). “N***a, I ain’t got no tickets to 50’s concert or mine,”

He continued,”50 Cent, you told these n****s to call me for tickets? N****, I ain’t got no tickets to your show! I ain’t got no tickets to my show. Y’all can stop calling me, texting me, talking about, ‘50 said…’ Y’all better take that shit up with 50, n****. I can’t do nothing for you, man.”

50 Cent is currently on The Final Lap Tour in celebration of the 20th anniversary of his blockbuster debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin’. The tour must have Fifty in a playful mood as this isn’t his first time playfully trolling other rappers during the trek. Earlier this month, he trolled Busta Rhymes over the size of his gold chain. Last week, Fifty joked about Drake fans tossing their bras on stage and suggested he would like similar treatment.

Snoop Dogg recently wrapped up his High School Reunion Tour in Irvine, CA last week.