‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Raps with Gunna and Simon Rex About Hating Long Movies

Pete Davidson can’t handle any more long movies because “he’s a simple man with no attention span.”

During this week’s Saturday Night Live, the comedian debuted a new rap called “Short Ass Movies” where he blasted the run-times of recent films.

“Night after night, there’s only one kind of movie I’m always looking for, and that’s a short ass movie. A really short movie, like at most an hour 40. Gimme a short ass movie,” raps Davidson.

But the SNL star wasn’t alone for long: He was quickly joined by this week’s musical guest Gunna who shared his perspective. Together, they rapped about their favorite shorter films like Driving Miss Daisy and Austin Powers. Davidson revealed that he almost peed himself while watching The Batman because “it was longer than The Hobbit.”

The sketch also featured Chris Redd and a surprise appearance from Simon Rex—aka “Dirt Nasty” in the music world—who recently starred in Sean Baker’s critically acclaimed film Red Rocket.