Skrillex Drops Crazy New ID That Definitely Sounds Like A Big Time Collab

Just a couple weeks ago, Skrillex threw down a at FORM Arcosanti. At first listen, we were blown away per usual by the DJ’s current taste.

Upon second listen, we heard what sounds like a brand new ID. And, it sounds a lot like it could be a Skrillex x Missy Elliott collaboration. It’s a little hard to tell with the vocal processing — it’s possible there are two vocalists on the track or it’s all Missy.

The ID even references, lyrics from “Work It” — this the kinda beat that go ra-ta-ta.

Skrillex has cut down drastically on shows, but he’s been staying busy in the studio. It only makes sense that he would use a rare appearance like this one to test run some new material. The verdict: Missy’s (or whoever’s) quirky lyrics matched with in-your-face bass is most definitely a sure hit.

As pointed out by a fellow staff writer, the song definitely has some vibes. There’s a low-key jungle terror sound going on here, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he’s behind the production as well.

Whatever the case, here’s that new fire for your listening pleasure!

Skrillex Live @ FORM Arcosanti 2018



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