Skofee’s “QVC” is amusingly candid

Los Angeles based alt-pop artist Skofee isn’t afraid to call things out like she sees them, by capturing the quintessential definition of an honorable artist who makes the world a better place simply by dishing out more truths. After the release of her debut EP Polished, the singer-songwriter is back with her all-new single “QVC”—aN honest, thought-provoking revelation about the American free-to-air television network and the striking parallels that run through her own life experience.

“QVC” was developed after Skofee was flipping through the cable channels and stopped on the infomercial channel. Dumbstruck, she watched with amused indulgence the foolhardiness and drama behind what she saw. Seeing it as a metaphor for her own life, “QVC" is about being impulsive, and knowing something is bad for you but doing it anyway.

In her signature left-of-center pop style, the song features deep immersive vocals, funky colorfully pattered soundscapes, and unabashed lyricism. "Can't believe I fell for this again, I think I've lost all common sense. You made it sound so appealing I checked for words on the ceiling” sings Skofee. The visuals for the song are equally entertaining and paint an imaginative storyline through the mixture of carefully crafted VFX and real-life shots that feel as vintage as they are modern.

Residing in LA, Skofee is an emerging indie-artist who is best known for her unapologetic, bold messages and quirky melodies. Watch "QVC" now and remember to not take your own life so seriously.

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