Skittles Reminds Fans to Keep Their Candy to Themselves After Harry Styles Injured by Flying Skittle

Skittles wants to know what happened to treating people with kindness. The candy company took to social media to voice their support for Harry Styles, who was injured after a fan at one of his Los Angeles shows tossed a handful of Skittles on stage and at his face – landing in his eye.

“Didn’t think I needed to say this: Please don’t throw Skittles,” the company wrote on Twitter. On Instagram, they shared a screenshot of the post, adding: “In case you didn’t see.”

Styles himself was seeing at half-capacity following the candy tossing incident that had him singing the final song of the night, the high-energy room shaker “Kiwi,” with his eyes mostly shut. During an Instagram Live stream, the singer’s musical director and bandmate Pauli the PSM clarified his condition, saying: “H came through, confirming his eye is okay. But do me a favor, don’t throw no more Skittles on stage.”

Styles popped into the comments of the stream to joke about the matter, writing to Pauli: “See you tomorrow AVEC eye patch.”

Still, fans sought to track down the culprit who injured Styles and interfered with “Kiwi” live being all they had ever imagined. “Whoever the fuck threw a solid object at his eye, u literally ruined kiwi bc he wouldn’t open his eye for the whole song,” one fan wrote – while others searched for a name. A popular concert update account on Twitter added: “Just fyi: since someone threw stuff at Harry last night you aren’t allowed to bring in gifts, flowers, etc!”

Since he began touring as a solo artist, Styles has developed a playful relationship with his fans during his concerts, often splashing an entire bottle of water on certain sections at the show’s end like a pop baptism. After a while, fans started getting him back, emptying their own water bottles on him before he could have a chance to soak them.


Now, the singer’s ongoing Love on Tour stretch has recently become part concert, part impromptu dodgeball game. A few weeks ago, Styles nearly doubled over when a flying object landed straight on his groin mid-song. Before that, a shower of chicken nuggets graced the stage courtesy of fans in the audience.

Apple Music’s Zane Lowe reacted to the incident on TikTok, saying: “Stop throwing things at artists on stage. Even if it’s your way of saying ‘I love you!’ Stop.”