Ski Mask Jay – The UK’s Most Notorious Rap Artist

Ski Mask Jay is a rapper from the United Kingdom who has been active since 2020. He has released 6 singles and 1 EP to date. His most popular song to date is Grind which has been viewed over hundreds of thousands times on various streaming platforms like Spotify, Youtube and more.

The North West based rapper considers his music in the underground hip hop genre. He has recently released a track, “Skrt Skrt Skrt ft. DJ FLUFF”. Skrt Skrt Skrt features Florida DJ turned rap artist and producer DJ FLUFF. Ski Mask Jay’s music is often dark and gritty, and he has a unique style that is both introspective and energetic. He raps on upbeat feel good flex tracks normally explicit about the good things in life. Ski Mask is an important part of the UK underground hip hop scene, and he wants to be like nobody else and if he rides his own wave then he’s happy to do so. He wants to bring something new to the music scene (familiar subjects) but in his own way. This is what makes Ski Mask Jay unique from other artists.

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Jay has always had a passion for music since a young age and always wanted to pursue music professionally. He has been described as one of the most inventive and boundary-breaking rappers of his generation. He has successfully collaborated with other artists of different styles to give a different vibe as well as his own take on music

Jay whom is an incognito rap artist has a very versatile style that he performs normally to upbeat instrumentals with a catchy chorus/hook. His rap style is unique and he often incorporates humor into his lyrics. Jay released his first EP in December 2022 called Designer, which was super hit.

We reached out to ski mask jay for a comment about his music he said ‘None of this would of been possible with out his producer whom he is so grateful for’

Jay is planning to release a new song per month. You can connect with him through below social media platforms.







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