Siena Liggins announces debut record and visual album “Ms. Out Tonight”

Atlanta-based artist Siena Liggins announces the arrival of Ms. Out Tonight on her birthday, April 27th. Following singles "Thick," "No Valet," and "Dirty Girl" with Yung Baby Tate, the irresistibly bold pop record is bound to turn heads. 

Ms. Out Tonight is flirtatious, confident, and maddeningly catchy. Siena shares via email that she initially wrote the title track "about a girl I was dating who wasn't sure if she was ready to be out in public with me. She was super careful and I respected her boundaries, but when I got in the studio and the lyrics I wrote for her mirrored my own experiences, it was evident how much anyone can miss out on by hiding". That experience ultimately inspired the concept for the whole project, which explores her identity with refreshing candor. 

It's no secret that Black artists have been historically denied access to the pop market and its major awards. Siena acknowledges that as a queer woman of color, there are few pop stars that look and sound like her. Because of that, she explains, "copy-catting 'the formula' isn't exactly an option. There's a part of this industry that I am missing out on because the machine that makes pop stars hasn't had an upgrade since 1994". Siena's earworm hooks, however, leave no room for doubt. She deserves to be in the conversation next to Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and the rest of them. 

The record's visuals are just as vibrant and playful as the songs themselves. Unapologetically sapphic and yet universally appealing, the story told here is one of authenticity. With intimately airy vocals and lyrics ranging from seductive to sweet, Siena has crafted a pop masterpiece. 

All in all, you might want to hide your girlfriend on April 27th. 

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